Stuffed cabbage rolls

Cooking Method

For the cabbage leaves

Fill a saucepan with water halfway, heat it, add salt and let it come to a boil. Remove the stems from the cabbage with a knife and place in the pot with the stalk side down.

Using a spoon and careful movements remove the outer leaves from the cabbage. Follow the same procedure for all the leaves and then spread them on a large baking tray to drain and bring to room temperature.


For the filling

In a large bowl, put the two types of minced meat, the 3αλφα Blue Rose rice and the cumin.

Cut the onion into small cubes, mash the garlic and transfer to the bowl of the minced meat. Chop the leaves from the herbs and add them.

Add salt, pepper, olive oil and mix well until we have a homogeneous mixture.


For the composition

Take a pot and cover it with the small, broken cabbage leaves that were left from the boiling. We take a wide leaf from the cabbage and remove the central nerve (the hard part) with a knife.

Put a tablespoon of the minced meat mixture in the centre and wrap it  by first folding the side up and continue wrapping it from top to bottom to make a tight cabbage roll.

We follow the same procedure for each leaf.

Carefully place the cabbage leaves next to each other in the pot, making sure that there is no gap between them so that they do not open during boiling.


When you are all done with the mixture, cover the upper surface with leaves that are left over from the cabbage and place on top of, a plate that will stabilize their position in the pot.

Fill the pot with warm water up to the plate height.

Heat over medium heat and boil for 90 minutes.

Every so often we look at the pot to see if the water has dropped and we add some, always  warm to keep the dish at a high level.


For the egg lemon sause

Beat with 2 egg yolks with the juice of the 2 lemons , gradually adding a little warm broth from the pot and thus diluting the egg yolk.

Add a tablespoon of cornflour to the egg sauce  and mix well, making a thick, velvety mixture.

When the mixture is ready , pour  into the pot and shake it from the handles to go everywhere.


For the sauce

Put a nonstick skillet on the heat and melt the butter.

Once it is completely melted, add the flour and sauté . Add the chicken broth in small portions, whisking continuously with a wire whisk until the sauce thickens. Remove from the heat and add the juice from the lemon, pepper, olive oil and whisk.


For serving

Spread the sauce over the cabbage rolls, add a few drops of raw olive oil, slices of lemon, pepper and serve.

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