Use your imagination and create a colorful mosaic of pulses.

The materials you will need are:

  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Fluid glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Legumes: variety of beans for color, lentils, fava, rice etc.
  • Tweezers for corrections
  • Inspiration for original creation
  • Alternatively, print the suggested posters and fill in the gaps …
    Implementation time: Depending on the size and detail you choose from 1 to 3 hours


  • Decide on the poster you will make. If it’s of your own inspiration, gently draw it with your pencil on the cardboard. It can be anything. The more elaborate the more variety of materials you will need. Make a human figure, a house, a figure, a scene.
  • Decide what legumes to put in and where. Prefer small size (giant beans are not recommended) .
  • Spread the glue with the brush, starting from a corner.
  • Place the legumes you have chosen where you put the glue, putting the seeds close together so they do not leave empty spaces, following the shape you created.
  • Continue until you have completed all your painting.
  • The tweezers will help you in the details. Like closing a gap without moving the peripheral seeds or catching a small lentil that slipped in the wrong place.
    Let your creation dry before moving it

Chose the mosaic that you like