The scientific partners of 3alfa offer you advice as regards healthy eating

How can we reduce our cholesterol levels?

We must mention here that our goal is not only to reduce the levels of the cholesterol entirely, but to also increase HDL.

Based on research, even if we observe small increases (in the range of 1mg/dl) in the levels of ΗDL, this reduces the risk of coronary heart disease(by up to 4%).

Our aim should be to increase our HDL levels above 35mg/dl for men and above 45 mg/dl for women.

In order to realise your goals you need to do small but essential changes in the way you lead your life. You must:

  1. Exercise systematically (even simply walking for 60minutes daily).
  2. Lose weight.
  3. Stop smoking (HDL levels rise, after you quit smoking).
  4. Avoid greasy food like lamb, pork, cold cuts, cocoa, full-fat dairy products, as well as consumption of large amounts of carbohydrates, given that the excess is directly transformed into fat by our organism.
  5. Choose olive oil as opposed to other fats and avoid fried food dishes.
  6. Eat pulses at least twice a week.
  7. Consumption of alcohol in small quantities (a glass of wine per day) has shown that it aids the increase of HDL. However, be aware that consuming large quantities can produce adverse effects.