Rice has a very long history. It has fed and still feeds millions of people, mainly in Asian countries, while its roots can be traced to the Far East more than 5,000 years ago. The land and climate conditions there were the most preferable to favor the paddies. Rice travelled from China and India to Persia and Egypt until it arrived in Greece, Europe and much later on in America.


Rice is a monocotyledon plant of the Poaceae family with origins in South Asia and Africa. It flourishes in tropic and sub-tropic climates. It grows in alluvial, coastal territories and can be found in two types (Oryza sativa and Oryza glaberrima). It develops to a height of 1-1.8 meters, with long, smooth leaves 50-100 centimeters long and 2-2.5 centimeters wide. Small flowers bloom on twigs 30-50 centimeters long. It has granular seeds (caryopsis) 5-12 millimeters long with a diameter of 2-3 millimeters

Rice cultivation

In Europe, rice is cultivated exclusively in Mediterranean countries and only in particular regions of Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Greece.

The most appropriate regions for rice cultivation are near wetlands, river deltas, coastal areas and areas near lakes because the paddies require large amounts of water. Rice cultivation is greater than any other agricultural product, as it is a staple food for 3/5 of the planet.


Nutritional Value

A seed so small yet so rich in taste and nutrition. Rice is a source of carbohydrates, protein and amino acids for the body. It feeds the body with energy, while the proteins and amino acids help regenerate new muscle tissue and cells. It is an ideal food for everyone since it does not have a trace of fat, salt, or cholesterol.

Taste value

Although it is mostly considered a side dish, rice is a standalone food. The different types of rice are appropriate for a variety of cooking methods. White, yellow, aromatic, and wild rice, each with their individual characteristics, can be used for soup, stuffed vegetables (yemista), pilaf, risotto, dessert, to accompany seafood, grilled vegetables or finely chopped meat, in order to enjoy their distinct aroma… Invest in their flavors and in your passion to create dishes from the pot, the steamer, the oven and the frying pan! Many ways of cooking, infinite combinations to fill your plate with abundant grains of rice.