Small beans with clams

Cooking Method

Soak the beans overnight in cold water. In the morning, wash them well and boil them in plenty of water for 20 minutes. Strain them and set them aside. Heat 1 Tbsp olive oil in a large saucepan and sauté the chopped onion until shiny. Add the half-boiled beans and warm salted water until 2 fingers are covered in height. Allow the ingredients to boil over low heat for ½ hour.

To start the seafood, wash the shells well, discarding any that gape open.

Heat 1 Tbsp olive oil in a large pan and fry the garlic for a few minutes without letting it brown, then add the clams, chili flakes and wine. Put a lid on and cook, shaking the pan from time to time until all the shells open, revealing their meat inside. Discard any shells that have not opened. Leave to cool, then discard half of the shells after having taken the meat, leaving the other half with their shells for decoration.

Now mix the clams and parsley with the beans, and warm up slightly. Season with black pepper to taste. Serve on a plate with the sauce and eat with bread.

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