Beluga lentils are black, small, shiny and bead-shaped just like Beluga caviar. They are as nutritious as green lentils. They are rich in iron, fiber and protein. It is not the most common variety for a Greek, but it can give variety to his diet. You can cook them as a soup, add them to cold salads or or as a  side dishes. They are easy to boil, they are extremely tasty and easy to digest.








Red lentils have a  bright orange color and resemble the fava and the pea in shape. They are as nutritious as green and black lentils. They are rich in protein, fiber and iron. They boil quickly, give a slightly sweeter and softer taste than green lentils and are easy to digest. They are ideal for delicious velvet soups and are great for ginger, cumin, curry and curcuma.




Όποιο και εάν είναι  το χρώμα της φακής ειτε μαύρο, είτε κόκκινο , είτε πράσινο η φακή έχει πλούσια διαθρεπτική  αξία και πρέπει να υπάρχει τουλάχιστον δυο φόρες την εβδομάδα στο τραπέζι μας.