The most tasteful journey of 3αλφα  exotic rice range “Tastes of the World” begins again with a new refreshed look!

3αλφα, always aiming to offer you high quality products, selects and processes unique varieties from around the world, creating 5 unique products that are the aromatic rice of the 3αλφα series “Tastes of the World”.

Their highest quality  remains the same, only their ‘appearance’ is renewed !

Our new, trendy packages of Basmati, Risotto, Parboiled Wild Rice, Jasmine and Basmati Wild Rice are “re-introduced” with earthy matte shades with ethnic elements. We picked an item relevant to the country of origin of each fine rice variety to serve as the package window where you can see the product as well as the magic hidden in the countless flavor combinations.

From India and Thailand and from the paddy fields of Italy to the lakes of America, the exquisite varieties of aromatic rice from the 3αλφα Tastes of the World range “land” on your daily table giving you the opportunity to enjoy and travel with your mind in distant countries …