3alfa, the company that has been the best ambassador for Mediterranean diet for 50 years, brings the healthiest delicacy to our daily table, the 3αλφα Brown Rice 10΄. Ready in just 10 minutes, 3αλφα Brown Rice 10΄ is low in fat, contains no sugar and salt and is a source of manganese, an element that contributes to the normal functioning of metabolic processes that contribute to energy production and the normal formation of connective tissue. 

Derived from long grain rice grains, from which only the outer bark has been removed, it retains intact the parts containing the highest proportion of its nutritional value (endosperm, germ and bran), trapping its large granular constituents after natural treatment with boiling water (parboiling). The creation of 3αλφα Brown Rice 10 is the result of many months of research and development, Quality Control, Procurement and Marketing departments of 3alfa – K.KARAGEORGIOU BROS SA .

So, the end product that reaches the consumer is simply flawless because it hides in its core all the features found in this healthy delicacy, but also the taste and love of its 3alfa family! 3αλφα Brown Rice 10΄… so that we have on our plate all the flavor and nutritional value our body demands! 

*** And for those who want to add to their daily diet a dish full of delight, a delicious recipe with love from 3alfa follows this link!***