New 3alfa product line

New 3alfa polyspori product line

3alfa is proud to present a new line of products with the signature of 3alfa.

synthesi_2_mediumA mixture of select legumes and rice varieties which offers a new distinct and unprecedented gastronomical experience. The new 3alfa polyspori product line is inspired by an ancient Athenian religious festival , called Pyanopsia, in the honor of the Greek god Apollo, during which farmers would offer the first seeds of harvest. In later years, upon The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary a Christian liturgical feast, farmers would cook soup comprising of various seeds, in order for their crop to be blessed. Based on the above mentioned, polyspori’s origins might sound like …ancient history, but the new 3alfa polyspori product line is nothing short of a small revolution in today’s conventional rice and legumes cuisine and reflects the modern lifestyle of new generation consumers.

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New product 3alfa Medium Bulgur

pligouri_smallKnown as “Pligouri” in Greece and as “bulgur” in most of the world. However spelled, its nutritional value is equally high. 3alfa Medium Bulgur is a cereal rich in vegetable fibers and carbohydrates. It is derived from hard wheat grains that have been cut and parboiled. It contains vitamin E which contributes to the good operation of the cardiovascular system and is considered as an essential ingredient of Mediterranean diet. Although hearty, it is not fattening due to its low fat, sugars and salt content. Try 3alfa Medium Bulgur as a garnish in roasts, enjoy its use in salads, stuffed wine leaves, pies and unleash your culinary imagination for the results will surely be rewarding.

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