For more than 4 decades 3αλφα (3alfa) has invested in know-how and has succeeded in gaining the trust of Greek consumers.

Navigate our site and learn everything regarding rice and legumes. Discover their nutritional value and their secrets. Be inspired by our suggestions and create tasteful and nutritional dishes, full of imagination.

Flavors of the World



Flavors of the World! The new product range created by 3alfa. Get to know rice varieties from every corner of the Earth with exceptional quality, offering new relish experiences and entice into exotic indulgence . See the new line.

Polyspori (Multiseed)

synthesi_2_medium3alfa created the new Polyspori product line. Learn more about the food… of the Gods.


Nutrition & Health


Pulses and rice shield the organism with power and health. Discover their precious nutritious value..



3alfa’s corner for our little friends. Create and play with your little… “seeds”..

Ολοκληρωμένη Διαχείριση

Η 3αλφα στηρίζει τους Έλληνες παραγωγούς με σεβασμό στο περιβάλλον εξασφαλίζοντας ό,τι καλύτερο έχει να προσφέρει η ελληνική γη.
Γνωρίστε τα “ρύζια και όσπρια ΟΔ & ΠΓΕ

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Our TV spots take you to a world full of taste. Watch 3alfa TV spots.
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