Create a small garden

Take beautiful glass- tranarent bowls. Place some cotton inside and moisten it with water. Place seeds of pulses, such as beans, lentils, koukia beans and let them “soak up” the water from the cotton. The very next day, you will notice a change in your seed! The “coating” of the pulses will start to shrink back and while it’s a matter of few days to see small plants bursting from the seeds, becoming stronger, creating a beautiful green garden. It is interesting to watch the koukia and the beans splitting into half and their seed growing, pulling along with them the cotyledons which at some stage shrivel and fall. Furthermore, you can watch the small root of the new plant as it wraps around the cotton. The lentils create a green “lawn” of slim stem plants and also the slim stem plants created from bean seeds give reference to the well-known fairytale of Jack and the beanstalk which took him to the skies….